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  Henry Munoz Mortgage Loan Officer,Nmls#228855              California Real Estate Broker #01786680

Legal Document Assistant(Paralegal) Registered & Bonded 
♦Residential & Commercial Loans/Refinance/Purchase
♦Conventional and Unconventional Financing.
♦Turned Down by a"Big Bank" or other lender??
♦Title Issues-Probate-Foreclosure-Cash Out-Emergency Funding-AB68-Debt Consolidation-Home Improvement
♦Divorce-Properties in Trust/Distributions-Reverse Mortgages
As a Banker I am very competive with any other lender.
As a Broker I have access to the wholesale market.

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I understand that each customer has specific needs, so I strive to meet those  needs with a wide array of products, investment tools, mortgages and best of all quality service and individual attention. See my reviews of past clients on the website!

Henry Munoz is licensed by the California Department of Real Estate as a Broker,#01786680 and the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS 228855)Henry is also registered and approved with the California Department of Business Oversight.During the period of 1998 to 2014 he worked as a mortgage loan officer under the California Department of Corporations Licensing system as a broker and lender. In 2014 transtioned to the Department of Real Estate as a salesperson licensee and then obtained his Real Estate Brokers License.

Henry also is registered and bonded with the County of Los Angeles as a  Legal Document Assistant(Independent Paralegal) Registration# 2018187330 Expires 1/26/2022..Henry Munoz also served in the Army and California National Guard as a Medic.

I have over 22 years in origination of residential and commercial real estate loans.I have access as a Banker and Broker to the wholesale market that is not available to consumers. Think your Big Bank is actually the best place for your loan?Guess again..


I also offer listing  or purchase services for your property. My advantage is that I can look at a transaction with knowledge of a seasoned Real Estate Broker and also as a loan officer.If you are selling a property,does the buyer have a real approval?Are you really getting top dollar?As a loan officer I request certain documents that will determine if the buyer is REALLY QUALIFIED.This will save you the headache of being in a escrow and tying up your property when a better offer and qualified buyer is availble.I also can determine what a Lender for the buyer will actually loan on the property.I have access to the databases the Lenders as myself determine a reasonable value before we have a appraisal.I can also determine what items need top be taken care of in order to have a "clean appraisal"from the appraiser for the buyer.

I will first check what real market value is Then I check the title of the property to see if there are any title issues that could affect the purchase.Back due taxes,Irs Liens,Judgments or other.I also check the real square footage and bedroom countwith the County records to make sure that the listing agent is disclosing everything accurately. Some listings will show a 3 bedroom 2 bath.Although ,one bedroom or bathroom may be not permitted, This means that that value that was originally given as a sales prices is inflated.Many listings on the multiple listing service,Zillow or Redfin are not accurate in true market value.Some will show the incorrect square footage.This affects the value and also if the lender may even do a loan for that property.These are the type of things that I check for that are not usually done by a standard real estate salesperson or a REALTOR who is not a broker or a lender.A salesperson works under the the direction and supervision  of a real estate broker.A salesperson can not legally work independent without being under the license of a real estate broker.

  • Thinking of purchasing a property? Selling a property? I will negoitate to obtain the best purchase price or sales price. I work for you!
  • Refinance a residential or commercial property
  • Properties in Trusts
  • Title issues, cloud on title, chain of title problems and uninsurable title
  • Probate Loans and sale of a property
  • Divorce buyouts when a spouse buys out the other spouse in a joint owned property
  • Investor loans (non owner occupied)
  • Foreclosure Bail out/ notice of default
  • Asset based and Equity real estate loans
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing with limited documentation
  • AB 68 Loans known as Accessory dwelling units/Grandmothers quarters. Financing and planning available. I have an architect that I work with who is also a real estate broker who can assist in the plans and building of the units!

If you are dealing with an Attorney on a property issue and need financing for whatever reason, have your attorney contact me to discuss.(310)975-9739

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